Edgewood Angus "No Nonsense" 4-Year Bull Guarantee
You read that right, we guarantee our bulls for 4 years. If you invest your money in a bull, he
 should give you 4 years. Edgewood Angus has worked diligently for more than two decades
 at being a seedstock producer that improves herd quality by making tough and sound 
decisions consistently.   We strive to improve each breeding season and each generation 
through concentrating on quality  in genetic selection and being committed to cattle that breed
 and perform on a consistent basis. They must be reproductively, structurally, and phenotypically
 sound, while performing consistently and remaining docile in nature. Over the years, our
 commitment to this has allowed Edgewood Angus to produce and raise bulls that have and will continue to work for you. Breeders purchasing our bulls continue to replace fewer bulls each year. On a national average, bulls raised in our industry are lasting less than 2 ½ years. The economic difference between Edgewood bulls and the average bull in our industry is big and simple. Knowing a bull would last 4 years, think about this. How much more could you invest in that bull? How much more confidently could you manage your genetics and budget? Knowing how long a bull will last you from the average industry breeder, investing in Edgewood bulls could easily be valued at $1,000 per bull or more. As a leader in our industry, Edgewood Angus is committed to continuing to breed and raise bulls that are capable of performing at a high level for a longer time while holding up reproductively, structurally, and phenotypically. We are proud to raise the bar and offer our 4 year guarantee.

Details and conditions: All Edgewood Angus bulls, sold on or after December 1, 2012, will be guaranteed for 4 years for reproductive and structural soundness. The guarantee is applicable to bulls which prove to be infertile, have structural soundness problems (including foot soundness), or have other issues which apply under a good-faith guarantee. Injuries or accidents are not applicable under this guarantee. Any bull that settles a reasonable number of healthy cows shall be considered a breeder (reproductively sound). This guarantee is contingent upon the buyer providing proper management prior to, during, and after the breeding season. Proper management shall include, but not be limited to, appropriate nutrition, breeding management (bull to female ratio appropriate for bull’s age, not co-mingling yearling bulls with mature bulls in same breeding pastures, proper observation of bulls during breeding season, etc.), and animal health care.

This guarantee only applies to the original purchaser. It shall not apply to any bull which has not been maintained by the original purchaser at all times, for normal breeding practices, in normal breeding conditions, and in accordance with rules and practices of good animal husbandry and management, as noted above.

Claims shall be resolved as follows: Bulls purchase price up to $10,000 less salvage value shall be credited to the purchaser toward purchase of (1) Edgewood Angus bull within one calendar year from date of claim. The credited purchase price decreases by 25% per year, after turn out to cows, or April 15th, whichever is earlier. All credits due must be used in the first calendar year following the claim, or will become void. The original purchaser must contact Edgewood Angus within 14 days of discovery of injury and have licensed veterinarian’s verification. Edgewood Angus retains the right to use agent of their choice for all verifications. If any claims are denied by Edgewood Angus, the original purchaser must respond with written legal explanation describing why guarantee should apply, or lose any guarantee available on bulls.

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